Double Major

Double Major

The Physics Department collaborates with all engineering, chemistry, molecular biology, mathematics and philosophy departments in offering double major programs to undergraduate students with a GPA of 3.00 or above; enabling these students to concurrently earn a B.S. degree in Physics by successfully completing at least 8 courses in addition to their introductory physics courses. Double Major Program advisor Prof. Levent Kurnaz

Introductory courses:

Students must complete one of these sequences:

– PHYS 101/102/201/202
– PHYS 121/201/202
– PHYS 101/130/201

Required courses:

– PHYS 221
– PHYS 302
– PHYS 311
– PHYS 401/402 or PHYS 380 (for EE students PHYS 401/402 are compulsory)

Elective courses:

After taking the introductory courses and PHYS 221, students must take 7 junior/senior/graduate level courses (3xx/4xx/5xx) with a PHYS code. The list of elective courses will be announced before each term by the Double Major advisor.